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My target 1000 kms

I am Pedaling 1000km for Parkinson's!

My very vibrant and energetic Mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's 5 years ago.  It was a devastating diagnosis, however, she has never let it get her down.  She is committed & determined to doing everything she can to remain healthy & active.  She exercises everyday and knows that is the best way to manage Parkinson's.  She is the most positive & strongest women I have ever known and I Love her dearly XO

This summer I have decided to take part in Pedaling 1000 km for Parkinson's - a cycling event that was created to raise awareness about Parkinson's and raise funds for research. Your donations support the Pedaling for Parkinson’s Research Grant and the Parkinson Canada Research Program.

As part of the event, I’ve set a personal distance goal of 1000 km and am tracking my kilometers. 

Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease. Movement is normally controlled by dopamine, a chemical that carries signals between the nerves in the brain. When cells that normally produce dopamine die, the symptoms of Parkinson's appear. Currently, there is no cure. The need is only increasing. More than 25 Canadians are diagnosed with Parkinson's every day; more than one person every hour. By 2031, the number of people living with Parkinson’s in Canada will more than double. Your support fuels the increasing need for research to improve quality of life and ultimately find a cure.

With your support we can help Parkinson Canada realize their vision of a better life today for Canadians living with Parkinson's; a world without Parkinson's tomorrow.

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My Updates

Group Ride

Saturday 27th Jun
I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of cyclists to ride with on Saturday mornings!

Early morning rides in Huron County!

Friday 26th Jun
Pedaling for Parkinson's is a great goal to get me up early and out the door on my bike!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cathy Cooper

Best of luck on the pedalling. Mark and Cathy


Pam Nielsen


Kate Lloyd-rees

Good luck Lorraine!



So inspiring! Good Luck 😊🤗


Shalyn Sulkye




Shelagh Sully

Pedal Power! Wonderful!


Karen Gowdy

My Grandma Garrett had Parkinson's. All the best to your mom Lorraine!!..Great cause and good luck on your ride!!😀


Janet Brown

Good luck on the ride. Enjoy every mile you put in for your Mom...my cousin. Proud of you.


Phil & Tina Gasser

Couldn't think of a more worthy cause than your mum!!! My dad also has parkinson's so it's a cause close to my heart. Good luck.


Sue Howell

Amazing, best of luck Lorraine


Kevin Merkley


Wendy Cuthbert

Lorraine, wishing you a great ride in a very good cause indeed. No better incentive than to ride for your dear, sweet Mum. All the very best! Remote Hugs to you and your family!


Shelley Saunders

I’d love to join you to get your goal girl!!! ❤️


Teri Ladd

You can do this Lorraine. Best wishes


Debbie Myers

Good Luck with the cycling Lorraine. What an awesome thing to do for your mom! All the best and be safe!


Fern Monast

Happy Pedaling for this very important cause. I am sure Marg is very proud of you.


Bob & Carole Campbell


Karen Smith

Way to go Lorraine, you are such a special person, love you and miss you, hope everyone is staying well💕


Kelly Winrow

Hi Lorraine..I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal!! Miss you girlfriend!


Sondra &truus Buchner


Heather Hutt


Margaret Hutt


Hellen Beasley


Dawn Erickson

Your mom is a sweet lady. Parkinson’s is not a nice disease. Thanks for all you work.


Tracy Westbrook


Bethany Hooyer

I'm proud of you Lorraine, You can do it!! ❤️


Jackie Little

Good luck Lorraine. What a lovely thing to do for your mom💕


Joanne Drennan


Jennifer Tully

Ride safe


Lucia Schatteleyn

I am proud to sponsor you my friend!


Kim H


Jack Pal

Go fo it! Great cause. I’m on target to hit 1000km myself


Marie Mccabe

Great cause. Be safe on those roads !


Janet Hutt

Awesome...you go girl...love you...


Wendy Wright

We love you Marg ❤


Pat Mcdougall

Good luck, Lorraine. A great summer project for you. And a lovely testament to your mum.


Jim Wendland

Good luck with your riding. If you are riding up this way let me know.


Lorraine Hutt