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My target 500 kms

I'm going the distance for Pedaling for Parkinson's

This summer I am taking part in Pedaling for Parkinson's - a cycling event that was created to raise awareness about Parkinson's and raise funds for research. Your donations support the Pedaling for Parkinson’s Research Grant and the Parkinson Canada Research Program.

As part of the event, I’ve set a challenging personal distance goal and am tracking my miles.

Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease. Movement is normally controlled by dopamine, a chemical that carries signals between the nerves in the brain. When cells that normally produce dopamine die, the symptoms of Parkinson's appear. Currently, there is no cure. The need is only increasing. More than 25 Canadians are diagnosed with Parkinson's every day; more than one person every hour. By 2031, the number of people living with Parkinson’s in Canada will more than double. Your support fuels the increasing need for research to improve quality of life and ultimately find a cure.

With your support we can help Parkinson Canada realize their vision of a better life today for Canadians living with Parkinson's; a world without Parkinson's tomorrow.

My Achievements

Looking Sharp: Uploaded Personal Picture

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Fundraising Goal Met!

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Downstroke: $500 Raised

Peloton: $2,000+ Raised

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Go the Distance: KM Goal Achieved

Thank you to my Sponsors


Terry Kirkwood

Good Luck Giacomo!


Rick Ross

Glad she seems to be doing well.


Bruce Bonaney

Keep pedaling and have fun Giacomo!


Diane And John Moody


Patricia Davidson

Thank you for sharing your personal story which makes this donation all the more meaningful. Good luck with the ride and all my best to your daughter as she navigates the challenges of living with Parkinsons.


Davey Flude



So happy to hear about LeighAnn’s great year and big congrats to her on her engagement and house! Warm wishes to the whole family.


Noel Zeldin


Ryan Dillon


Linda Stadelman

All the best to Leigh-Ann!!


Danny & Janice

A good reason to get on the bike!


Giacomo Tonon


Judy Kohn